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Data Protection

Your data is in safe hands at CNM. We uphold the highest level of information handling in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.   

Data Encryption

If your business requires it we can send and receive data encrypted with PGP/GPG. Click here for more information.   
Understanding your business needs
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yes Data Cleansing

How accurate is your data? Send us a small sample and let us provide you with a full report on the improvements that our data cleansing can make to your data. more...

yes Telephone Number Appending

Have you got a list of contacts without a phone number? We have one of the most efficient and accurate telephone numbering services in the UK. more...

yes TPS Screening

Need to comply with the TPS law? Our matching service can flag or remove TPS registered records from your data. more...

yes Tracing Services

Have you lost contact with your debtors? Our tracing service is second to none, we can give you new addresses for your debtors where one is available and we can also give you an indication of how likely they are to repay their debts. more...

yes Data Supply

Need campaign specific profiled data? At CNM we have access to the most up-to-date data available in the UK. more...

yes IT Services

Our primary business is developing in-house systems and databases to enable us to process our customers' data. But we also develop bespoke systems and websites for customers.

Finally, we have extensive experience of data standardisation, reformatting and correction whereby we can eliminate flaws and inconsistencies in your data making it more usable and more valuable. For instance, we can repair data that is not in valid CSV format to enable you to process it with, for example, Excel. Email me on info at for more details.

yes Automation

Our Data Cleansing services are fully automated allowing you to send files to us via email, FTP and https for fast, reliable, accurate and secure processing.

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